Thursday, October 22, 2009

I have decided that BLOGGER is not a very good Blogger software, so I've installed WordPress on my domain and have moved my BLOG to the FOLLOWING URL:


Come on over and pay me a visit...


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

STOP MESSING AROUND -- It's Time for "FunnY BusinesS"


My Newest RELEASE is Finally COMPLETE and has been disbursed ALL OVER THE OWD Forum and is about to make it to the SHOP.

I wanted ONE SINGLE SPOT to show you all the COMPLETE COLLECTION so you can SEE just how VAST of a PROJECT this was.

First of all...there's the DAILY "FunnY BusinesS" FREEBIE GOODIES

Over a "Secretly Selected 19 days", I'll be passing out ONE PIECE. You can DOWNLOAD yours in THIS FORUM....Best VISIT EVERY DAY for the REST of September or you WILL MISS OUT!! These Links EXPIRE.

Then for the DotM [Download of the Month] for our Forum Members you can pick up these "select" pieces. Find those pieces in THIS FORUM. Take your time here...cause I'll be posting ONE LINK per WEEK and the LINKS will remain ACTIVE ALL MONTH LONG. (Expiration Date - October 1, 2009)

Now for those of you who are Subscribers to "ClubDUDE" there's a SPECIAL Selection in there for you to add to this GROWING COLLECTION. You can ONLY get in if you are a PAYING Subscriber to the CLUB.

Want MORE?? Then join the DUDE at the **Embellish It** Chat on Monday, September 14th. There are TWO CHAT Sessions to select from - 10 am EST or 10 pm EST. I will be GIVING out a BUNCH of FUN GOODIES during the CHAT. CHECK out the information about the CHAT and CHALLENGE in THIS FORUM.

Here's the PREVs of the Chat Goodies and the Posting Bonus:

Now. . . for the SHOP, I have the REMAINDER of the KIT and a couple of BONUS Add-ons. GIGGLE.

All of the Glitter Sparkle used in "FunnY BusinesS" was created by MOI, da DUDE...and will be AVAILABLE to you as Photoshop Styles and Glitter Sheets.

Now, a Paper collection wouldn't be RIGHT, nor done DUDE style -- IF there were NOT a GLITTERED SOLIDS Collection, RIGHT?...Giggle

There will ALSO be a SPECIAL - "TICKLED PINK Edition of FunnY BusinesS available at a SUPER DUPER DELIGHTFUL SALE PRICE. . .

and of course, FINALLY -- THE MAIN EVENT:

Now's ONLY a MINI KIT...Giggle...

Now you don't possibly think I would FORGET my Blog Readers, would you? I've got a tiny taste of the kit ESPECIALLY for YOU......Giggle...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

June AFX Files Released

Pick up your free copy at the AFX Blog!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OMGoodness!!! Where did May Go?

Hey Dude Fans --

Sorry I hadn't been here in awhile. I've been a bit preoccupied with my designwork. I released "the Collective" a series of 5 kits that were created as ONE Single Collective and then 'split' apart to different sections of CLUBDUDE. One part, "Love" went to the AFX-files E-zine, "Embrace" went to the **Embellish It** crowd, "Honor" & "Trust" found themselves in the OWD Shop, and the final kit, "Cherish" went into CLUBDUDE as a subscriber kit (it also has made its way to the OWD Shop).

Here's some PREVs:
AFXFiles E-zine Contribution


**Embellish It** Posting Bonus


OWD Store


OWD Store


CLUBDUDE Subscription Kit

Once I wrapped getting that kit out...I immediately went back to the sea to work on my "Fishywood" Collection. It, too, found itself being torn apart for the various crowds that I create for at OWD (OstenWilkinsDesigns).

Here's some PREVs:

"Fishywood Starter Edition"

"Fishywood Fishies Edition"

"Fishywood Characters Add-on"

"Fishywood CLUBDUDE Edition"

"Fishywood **Embellish It** Edition"

"Fishywood QPs"

"Fishywood Complete Collection"

If you're a member of the OWD Forum, you can find a COUPON for 25% off the three "Fishywood" kits that are available there. You could also get a piece by participating in the **Embellish It** Challenge for the month or subscribe to CLUBDUDE and get another section of "Fishywood", PLUS a WHOLE BUNCH of my creations at no other charge (initial Subscription rate does apply).

Love to see you there!!

Until the next round. . .


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Did ja miss moi last month?...Well, I was REAL BUSY getting ready for a GREAT Birthday Celebration for THIS MONTH!!!


Take advantage of THIS OPPORTUNITY -- it won't be around LONG or happen too often...giggle

I've just released, "CELEBRATION RETRO" Scrapkit, and if you participate in the Chats, Challenges, & Games...You're definately gonna get some ADD-ONs to this Party Kit.

Best part of's ON SALE!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Exclusive Kit........March AFX Files

Kim here...with a gorgeous preview for you of Osten's latest design exclusive to the AFX Files Ezine:

Doesn't this kit just scream Spring to you? Believe me, the preview does not do justice to this "Dude minikit"! To get your copy, and to grab the March edition of the AFX files,

click here to go to the AFX Blog! Remember, the AFX Files Ezine is always free! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Tortured Love" is in the Shop Now!

OMGoodness!!! Has it been a STRUGGLE to work again with RED and PINK for Valentine's Day....SHEESH!!!

Anyway, I've FINALLY completed my next NEW RELEASE just for those VALENTINE PHOTOS!! I will be uploading ALL WEEK to release ON Valentine's DAY!!! WOO HOO!!!

I've thought long and hard of how to work this NEW RELEASE and decided that PROCEEDS that come from the SALE of this kit, GOES into the POT for the NEW CHATROOM!!!! So, HELP US get it and GRAB my NEW "Tortured Love" Scrapkit.

We NEED a CHATROOM!! Help US get ONE that's compatable with OUR NEW HOME.

Tortured Love is in the shop now!